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Tigerlab Experts Look Forward to Revolutionary Changes in the Networking Industry

The networking industry is agog at a string of revolutionary changes coming its way. At Tigerlab, one of the most recommended names when it comes to offering cisco certification courses in Texas, our experts have been keeping tabs on the trends fluxing through the market. Accordingly, the following are some of the most fundamental goings-on in the industry today.

The Shift towards SD-WAN Technologies

The primary aim has been to introduce a more flexible networking infrastructure. Keeping that in mind, the industry is moving towards newer variants of SD-WAN technologies. The revolutionary shift towards an economic approach has ushered in the concept of a hybrid network transport. Apart from using conventional MPLS, it effectively combines the peculiar strands of internet and 4G connectivity.

A Growing Emphasis on Decentralization

Of late, there has been a considerable change in the degree of collaboration with suppliers and partners. Apart from that, increased cloud storage has played well into the hands of an industrial shift. The focus on decentralization is thanks to a growing number of cloud-based security services across the board. The aim of less centralization would be to optimize connectivity on various platforms.

A Straining of Supplier Ecosystems

Leading organizations have been turning away from availing all kinds of suppliers. The focus today is on utilizing the very best of suppliers. At our very own Tigerlab, for instance, there has been a growing need to optimize price and performance. Accordingly, our experts offering CCNA security training in Texas increasingly focus on the concept of Service Integration and Management.

Promising a ten-time throughput increase, the advent of 5G has boded favorably for the industry. According to our experts, 5G is immensely promising and is expected to raise the standards of industry-wise deployments by 2020.

A string of large scale IoT deployments seems within reach with the ushering of 5G. Indeed, a handful of experts have been taking it with a pinch of salt before accepting sweeping alterations. Nevertheless, nearly all stakeholders are looking forward to reaping its potentials to the most.


The networking industry is a sector that cannot afford to keep still for a very long time. With the sweeping changes coming on board, major industry players are expected to latch on to the opportunities in order to usher a networking renaissance.

26th December, 2019 posted by Tiger-Lab

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