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An Expert from Tigerlab Explains the Key Differences between CCNP and CCNA Certification

If you are planning to build a career in networking and are confused about Cisco certifications, we at Tigerlab can help you in more ways than one. According to our experts on CCNP online training in Houston, each has its own merits, although most prefer CCNP over CCNA. Nevertheless, the choice depends on a string of subjective factors such as career aims, pay priorities, learning abilities etc.

What is meant by CCNP and CCNA Certification?

Cisco Certified Network Professional Professional certification is primarily meant to introduce you into the advanced networking technologies. Its profession-oriented approach might be one of the defining reasons why it is preferred to its counterpart.

Cisco Certified Network Associate, on the other hand, is the initial level. In other words, once you wrap up your CCNA training, you will be qualified to configure and install a medium size network. The significance of the training lies in the fact that it establishes the foundation which is particularly useful in the later stage of your career.

What are the Differences between the two Certifications?

The foremost difference is that CCNA is entry-level while CCNP is professional-level training. Apart from that, CCNA is a single-module examination as opposed to the four-module examination in the case of CCNP. While the purpose of the former is to dispense the basics of networking, the latter seeks to enable students to grasp the advanced aspects of professional networking.

It is important to note that both CCNA and CCNP are substantially promising when it comes to career prospects. Your choice would eventually depend on whether or not you seek to qualify for advanced attributes.

What are the Expected Job Roles for both?

At Tigerlab, we provide cisco networking certification in Texas for such job roles as network technician, network support engineer, helpdesk engineer, service desk technician etc.

The aforementioned job roles are expected to flow from CCNA certification. In the case of CCNP certification, some of the popular designations include the likes of Network Analyst, Network Engineer, Third Line Support and Systems Engineer, to name only a few.


The purpose of training is, among other things, to instill firm decision-making abilities in students. The networking industry is palpably a minefield of opportunities. Keeping that in mind, at our center, our experts leave no stone unturned to acquaint potential employees with the nuances of the market.

2nd Jan, 2019 posted by Tiger-Lab

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