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What makes a CISCO networking certification so important for aspirants?

When the Internet of Things or IoT seems to be the widely prevalent technology, there is a lot of significance for networking professionals to be certified. The job market is witnessing a change in dynamics and revolution brought about by the IoT. Cisco system’s Certification provides the network professionals a distinct place by training them in the skills needed to conquer the job market.

To adapt to the changing technological advancements, CISCO networking certification in Texas is very apt and timely.

DevNet IoT certification

There is a great deal of discussion and debates going on around the use of IoT or Internet of Things these days. Whether that is the data from different devices, gadgets, sensors, or machines, from appliances in our homes to workplaces, we are connected to a lot of data than ever before. Processing and storing these enormous volumes of data is also a great challenge, as is the trouble observed in preserving the networks of data.

Taking into consideration these challenges the, DevNet IoT certification of CISCO pulls in core concepts from diverse disciplines.

With the new DevNet Certification, professionals can be ready to plunge into a progressive path of a technological revolution.

As IT organizations adapt to the dominant use of IoT, and the numerous new opportunities they bring in, IT and networking professionals will also require updated knowledge, training, and skillsets. Such knowledge and training is essential to be successful in the ever-evolving job roles.

CISCO IoT Architecture

There is no doubt about the fact that to build IoT projects, you need to have a robust network and a good architecture. There cannot be IoT without any connectivity to the internet connection, which can also be at least a private network. As a skilled good IoT developer or engineer, professionals are required to have strong knowledge. They must be well aware of issues like how to get data from a device to another device on the same or another remote network etc.

For this, you also need the proper technical knowledge about how you would be connecting the device. Whether you would be using Wifi, Bluetooth, LoRa, LongFi, or wired connections, the types of gateways, routers, access points, etc. or if you are connecting over IP or a serial connection.

The sum and substance of all of this are that assessing connectivity is a major issue here, and hence professionals dealing with it need to be well-equipped with all the requisite knowledge.

9th April, 2020 posted by Tiger-Lab

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